G Adventures Rebrand

Creative Direction: Dave Daga, Kyle Jordan
Art Direction & Design: Ashley Luppe, Kiros Chu
Copywriting: Warren Haas
Production Design: Amanda Leroux
Photography: Shereen Mroueh
G Adventures has been a small group tour expert for the last 30 years. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially into a social enterprise with more than 28 offices worldwide.

Over the years, new structures and messages were introduced to accommodate new products and increasing offices and partners. The brand visuals and assets were starting to clutter and it reached a point where the communications were overwhelming and confusing to consumers, partners and internal staffs.

Therefore, we decided to strip down everything except the core visual—the looptail icon, which encompasses all the core values of the company, and rebuilt the brand around it. During the rebrand, one of the main focus was to ensure that travel agents and marketing partners would be able to customize assets based on their needs while keeping the visual on brand. Therefore, we introduced a coherent, comprehensive and flexible design system for the communication materials.