Adventure is Unfiltered

Creative Direction: Kyle Jordan
Art Direction & Design: Kiros Chu
Copywriting: Janina Enrile
Director: Kirk Holmes
Web Design: Erica Niu

Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year
2018 Travel Marketing Awards

Global Brand Marketing
2018 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards

Adventure is Unfiltered was a digital marketing campaign targeted at younger travellers who like to share adventures on their Instagram feeds, but feel frustrated at the lack of authenticity within the travel industry. With that in mind, the concept was to focus on the real things that could’ve happen while travelling: the mess-ups, tears, fights, injuries and so on. But the underlying message here was that the most memorable moments are often the messiest and unplanned ones. The ones where you forget the camera even exists.

The campaign also consisted of a contest where travellers submit their own #AdventureUnfiltered photos. This user-generated content was re-shared throughout social media, bringing attention to G Adventures' message and a total of 244,736 page visits. This was driven by about 11.4 million online ad impressions during the campaign period, with a total of 27,000 contest entries.